We are here to make the most of social media  


  • For the purposes of the hack, we define social media as being computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, identity, learning and other forms of expression, dialogue and discourse via virtual communities and networks (thanks Wikipedia for half of this!)
  • We believe that education should, at times, be communal, collaborative and about personal becoming.
  • We believe that knowledge is, in part, socially constructed.
  • We believe that education should equip learners to be active and engaged citizens.
  • We believe that Social Media is an important location for the above.
  • Social media is more than a kit, a system, a platform or a tool. Social media use requires literacies, entails risks, is both public and private, commercial and open


With all that in mind we believe that social media can and does make education ‘better’